Сape Production

For more than 10 years we have been doing CG projects for you, shooting clips and advertising, finding the best software solutions for the implementation of Digital and CG tasks.
What exactly are we doing
Computer Graphics CGI
We are engaged in all types of CG Graphics, it can be: motion design, infographics, 2D videos, 3D videos or presentations, augmented reality, virtual reality, mapping, compositing, keying, in other words - we cover the whole spectrum
Video Production
We shoot advertising videos, clips, are all that can be removed, only we will not shoot the wedding for you, although it depends on what kind of wedding it is and who is getting married =D
R&D Solutions
For especially complex projects, we use our nerds, when it is impossible to make several thousand videos in one month, but it is very necessary, we are looking for such solutions. Or there is simply no CGI tools that can implement your task, then we will write the necessary program that can implement it

How it goes
You send a task
It can be anything: a script for filming a video, the need to create cool backgrounds for a show or conference, or just a video explaining how your product or company works, most importantly, you send a problem.
We evaluate the task
We study your task and if you don't know how best to proceed, we will give you a hint: we will make a script, estimate, project timing, presentation, we will offer our vision, both in terms of budget and terms, as well as in visual part
Your choice
You decide if it suits you or not.
If yes, then we start!
At the most important stage of production - pre-production, we show you what your project will be like, when and where to focus, and most importantly how to make the goal justified.
During the production process, we assign you a personal manager who will be in touch 24/7. We show what key stages the production cycle itself is divided into. And also what is needed from you so that together we can make a great product!
Final approval
When you are satisfied with the product, we will be able to help with technical issues, placement on a particular medium.
It's very important to understand,

We really worry and care about each client.
Every project we do, we do to solve a problem of a person or a company.
We are not pretentious, we are not arrogant.
You can just call and consult at any time always.
It is important for us that you really get what you want.
Even if you just have thoughts and ideas, suggestions and inspiration, share them with us and don't hesitate.
We don't have one-time clients.
We will do our best to support you.
Service is not just a word for us.

Ilya Petrukhin
CEO founder

Moscow, Tsvetnoy 23

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